Monday, 17 October 2011

Losi Luvvin . . . TLR22 hits the track.

I have now had a chance to run my Losi 22.

Twice on carpet at SHRCCC and one afternoon of testing on the high traction astro at TORCH.
Before this I had never raced a 2wd buggy and my entire 2wd experience amounted to about 3 laps on a grass circuit with a Mad Rat. These observations are therefore very much those of a 2wd novice.

The first run at SHRCCC was completely stock, built exactly to kit spec running 8.5t with yellow mini pin rears and cut stagger fronts. I had expected it to be a real handful but was pleasantly suprised, I wasn't on the pace but it was fun.
It felt a little nervous and although it had a heap of entry steering once into the turn it seemed to give up at the rear and lack traction on the exit. I spent the evening tiptoeing through the corners and applying careful throttle as I left them.
Fun though, I'll be back next week, better prepared!

So I surfed the net for set ups. The consensus seemed to be that, along with some roll centre changes, I needed to to change the kick up shim from 20 to 25 and caster blocks from 10 to 5 degrees.
Cheap enough, I'll give it a go.

I toddled back to SHRCCC a week later to try out my new, undoubtedly race winning, set up.
Well was it? Err no!
But it was much improved, the car was more predictable into the turns and much less edgy. I still couldn't gun it on the exit though.
I had moved a few spots up the time sheets though so it's getting there.

Right time to get back to the drawing board and raid the wallet!
Next on the shopping list was the TLR high roll centre blocks, shim kit and 'Cream' weight.
The 'Cream' weight is a groovy bit of kit made by a guy on Oople. It is a 42g lump of stainless steel that replaces the front rear hinge pin mount. It fits nicely behind the motor and adds weight in exactly the right place.

So new parts fitted it's off to TORCH for a morning club race with the SX3, of which more to follow, and an afternoon testing session with the TLR22.

The surface at TORCH is high grip astro so I might be kidding myself but the car seemed absolutely transformed. It was great getting into the turns, if it got out of shape it was predictable and controllable and I could nail it on the exit. I felt like an RC god!
I was the only person on the track though so I may well have been dog slow!
After this session all that is on my shopping list are some firmer springs.

I am looking forward to getting it back on the carpet to see what it's like.

One big negative.
What's with that diff?
There are loads of people on tinterweb moaning about it, many rebuilding it with AE parts. Despite running the slipper as loose as I dare it still ended up feeling like someone had snuck a handful of sand in there when I wasn't looking, boy it was a mess when I opened it up!
Any 22 diff tips would be most welcome.
According to Losi there is a gear diff on the way, may be worth a try?

I am starting to feel the Losi love.

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