Monday, 24 October 2011

Durango DEX410R . . Electrics install.

I put my limited soldering skills to the test at the weekend when I decided to wire up the 410.
My electrics of choice comprised a Tekin 6.5t motor hooked up to an LRP Sphere competition speedo. When I say choice what I mean is 'that I managed to source used for a reasonable price'.
Due to the limited space I had to spring for a Spektrum micro rx.
The juice to power this little lot will be supplied by a pair of Intellect 5400mah 60c saddles that are a perfect fit.

It's a bit of a challenge getting everything just so in this car but I think I managed pretty well.
I went for the de rigeur all black wiring, perhaps not the wisest but possibly the coolest choice.
The respective lengths of the positive and negative wires ensure that once in place it is, thankfully, impossible to connect the cells back to front.

I am happy with the outcome.
 I have the heatsink for the speedo and am waiting for a thermal pad to arrive so I can fit it. I am hoping to get away without a fan if I can.

The final job will be to splash some paint on the bodyshell. I'll get the airbrush out tomorrow, pop back to see the result of my efforts.

I'm getting excited now!

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