Thursday, 31 May 2012

2wd Mid South Regional at SHRCCC

Ok so I am a bit of a donut.
I forgot my camera on Sunday so there are only a couple of pics of a great days racing under a glorious blue sky.

SHRCCC were the hosts for round 3 of the BRCA Mid South Regional Championships. I was pleased to be visiting a familiar venue for my Regional debut.

I had hurled myself in at the deep end as this was to be my first Regional event and a 2wd one to boot!  I was also rockin' a brand new car, my sparkly new Cougar SV2 was popping its racing cherry.
Oh well that's how I roll!

To make things fair for everyone the SHRCCC crew had made big changes to the track unveiling a completely new layout, perhaps their best yet.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Serpent 966 Evo . . . Ready to rip.

Regular visitors will know that I recently got myself a Serpent 966 Evo with the intention of going 1/8 circuit racing.
After an extensive rebuild I have finally gotten around to fitting some electrics and an engine.

In the end I opted to use an engine that I already have, an SH PT21XT2-P8 with exiting gasses being disposed of by a matched SH pipe set.
This is a relatively mild engine and, at £200, not too expensive. That said it is still plenty powerful enough to get me into all sorts of bother! It will be quick enough to hold its own at Adur club meetings but will, I suspect, be a little out of its depth at national meetings.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Layin' down the astro at SHRCCC.

 Everyone loves a bit of old school grass action but when the weather doesn't play ball the post race clean up can become a little tedious. This, coupled with the inevitable wear and tear of a grass track, has prompted SHRCCC to up sticks and relocate just down the road to a year round astro based facility.

I made the trip on a nippy Sunday in April for the innaugral meeting.

The enthusiastic committee, headed up by Neil 'Dudders' Dudman and Darren 'Tartman' Parker, have put in some hard graft to turn a 5-a-side footy pitch into the bristly green oasis seen in the pics below. The various members have bought their respective skills to bear and produced an interesting track with something for everyone.

(click on the pics for full size versions)