Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Schumacher Cougar SV2 build . . . Part 2

Suitably sober I decided to delve back into the SV2 box to complete my mission.
I found more familiar parts in the diff bags, including the decent quality Schumacher thrust and diff bearings.

I like to take the shine off the diff rings on a piece of wet and dry prior to assembly, I think it helps when running in and contributes to a reliable long lasting unit.

Follow the instructions and you will end up with a silky smooth unit that should, if carefully run in and adjusted, last a fair while before needing attention. I used the supplied greases which seem just fine.

You can then drop it in and install the gearbox assembly. If you want to be able to tune your slipper on the line you will need to trim the gear cover to enable access to the adjusting nut, a cap is supplied to keep out unwanted crud.

Ah the joy of pre-assembled drive shafts. These are similar to those they supercede but feature a longer bone and shorter axle which Schumacher claim provides more traction. They also offer the added benefit of being rebuildable.

It's then a straightforward job to attach the hubs, driveshafts and turnbuckles.

Bolt on the beefy carbon shock tower and wing mount to complete the rear end.
The latest wing mount is the same as that fitted to the SX3 and dispenses with the rubber bands of the older model.

Here she is, nearly there.

Shocks next.
Schumacher have persevered with the big bores on the SV2. I notice a lot of drivers opting for small bores on both their 2 and 4wd buggies lately. I'm not a top driver but I like the big bores, they work well enough for me and they look cool!

They are easy to build. I use a small amount of AE 'Green Slime' on the o-rings. These shocks can weep a little initially but seem to seal up once the o-rings swell a little. 

Front shock tower fitted and shocks bolted on.

I have gone with the standard battery configuration, forward mounted saddle packs. Options include a stick pack mounting kit, enabling the use of a centrally mounted full size 7.4v lipo, and a rearward mounting topdeck allowing the saddle pack to be mounted 10mm further back on the chassis. So whatever cells you currently use they can be accommodated in this car.

When you fit the turnbuckle brace to the top deck check the chassis underneath with a straight edge to make sure it's adjusted properly.

My electrics choice was fairly straightforward. 
A HW speedo  removed from my Losi wired to an 8.5t LRP X12 motor. I have installed 119 stock software on the speedo and will adjust the timing as necessary depending on the track and prevailing conditions. 
There is plenty of room in here so I am sure you will be able to use your favourite components whatever they may be. I used a full size Spektrum receiver, no problem.

So here it is in all its fluorescent pink glory.
A sleek new body shell completes the evolution of SV Pro into SV2.
Different enough to be a step forward but familiar enough to be unintimidating.

This was a really enjoyable build and another really nice car from the guys in Northampton.
I am certain this will be a winner in the right hands. Those hands may not be mine but I think I am going to enjoy getting acquainted with this little cracker and can't wait to hit the track at the earliest opportunity.

That will be at the Mid South Regionals at SHRCCC the report from which can be found HERE.

Come back soon to see how our relationship blossoms.


  1. So, have you gotten a chance to try the Cougar SV Pro? I cannot decide whether to stick with my CF chassis or to switch to metal.

    1. Hi Sam
      Yes .. And I liked, I reckon there is plenty to come.

      Check out the post linked from the above article about a regional meeting at SHRCCC where it got it's debut.

  2. Hi mate, thinking of dumping the 4wd and getting one of these to thrash round torch, how long is your sensor lead? Cheers Rob

    1. Hey Rob
      I'm using a specific GM sensor lead which is 20cm but I think it would be possible to use an 18cm.

  3. Thanks Phil, buggy on order, should have it built for two weeks time.
    Thanks for the info

  4. hi, i have just bought this car and i was looking at installing the electrics in a similar way to you and i was wondering how you took the lipos in and out with the motor wires where they are? Maybe thats an awful newbie question but i was just wondering..Thanks