Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Schumacher Mi4 Gear Diff by SpecR

Gear diffs have been very popular this season and SpecR have been capitalising on this by releasing versions for most popular touring cars. Until now Mi4 owners have felt a little neglected, but not any longer.

Schumacher, in collaboration with SpecR have finally released a version to fit the Mi4 range.

Although designed to drop straight into the Mi4CX it will fit the Mi4LP, you will need the cups and sliders from the CX outdrives. Once these are fitted the blades on the LP driveshafts are a perfect fit.
There isn't a lot of room between the bulkheads on this car so they have done a good job squeezing it in.

I have had this in my pit box for a couple of months but haven't made the time to give it a proper try.
This weekend I had problems with my ball diff so was forced to reach for the gear diff.

Diff changing on an Mi4 is a piece of cake, I made some minor set-up changes and headed out on to the circuit. I liked it from the word go, it  felt like all the power was being delivered instantly to the tarmac. 
Filled with 2000wt oil it seemed about right, great drive off the turns and plenty of predictable steering.
It suited my 13.5 turn motor perfectly but could possibly become a problem on a wet surface or with a low turn motor allied to an aggressive throttle finger.

I will sort out my dodgy ball diff and put it back in my pit box but suspect it will only get used in emergencies or if I get caught in the rain.

So balls to the balls and here's to the gears!

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