Monday, 11 March 2013

Hobao Hyper H2 . . A morning at TORCH

Upon awakening I was initially frightened by the huge fireball in the sky, I quickly realised however that it was my long lost friend the sun.

Without further ado I packed up the Hobao along with the rest of my kit and set off for TORCH.

It was a low key morning club meeting so not likely to be overly busy, the perfect opportunity to give the H2 a shakedown.
 The upside of these meetings is that there is plenty of track time, usually 5 heats and a final, the downside is that there is very little time to make changes to the car, in fact there is barely time to charge cells.

I was going to enjoy myself nevertheless.

I had kind of guessed at a set up and knew I would have no opportunity to make drastic changes.
It turned out I wasn't a million miles away as the car felt pretty good from the off.

Plenty of traction and bags of steering were both welcome, as was its balance in the air. It was a little unstable in the washboard section, to be fair a lot of cars are, but I think it can be improved.

I let my good pal James have a drive after the meeting and he was kind enough to give the Hobao a thorough strength test by cartwheeling it right off the end of the fast straight, not so much as a scratch, thanks buddy. 

Overall I found the car easy to drive consistently and, given some time, think I could make the changes required to get some extra pace and get a little closer to the quickest guys.

Today was a good day.
The sun shone.
The car was good.
The result was positive.

 I am a very average driver but this car made me feel just a little better about myself.

If you are considering going racing on a tight budget then you could  do a lot worse than spend 135 of your hard earned pounds on this car.
I am sure it will soon gain itself a loyal following.

It earns the 'Two Thumbs Good' Pipski seal of approval.

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