Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Schumacher Cougar KF - Electrics Install & Paint

 So time to get some electrics in the KF.
I splashed out on a new motor for this one, a Speed Passion V3 6.5t.
The plug in connectors of these motors lead one to believe they will be an easy install but this is not really the case. Due to the way the wires enter the back of the can it's actually fairly tricky to keep the motor wires as neat as one would like.
The upside is that once installed they can be easily changed out for another SP motor, handy if conditions change or you run at tracks where a different wind would be a better choice.

(Click on pic for gallery)

In charge of current supply to the SP motor is a Hobbywing V2.1 120a esc, these are still great speedos and at the price can't be beaten. It will be running 930 Stock software with some fairly mild settings.
They are not the smallest of units but there is plenty of room for it in the KF.
This one has done very light duty in my SVR.

It does have a hefty bank of capacitors but there is plenty of room to accommodate them.

Translating my erratic transmitter twiddling into a language the car can understand is a Spektrum 3500 micro rx.
If you're wondering that's a 22t pinion, it's a guess but it shouldn't be far away.

So that's the electrics taken care of, should be plenty quick enough.

Time to point the airbrush at the shell.

I'm still loving the PipskiRacing colours so I'm sticking with them for now.

It's a cab forward shell design but not too extreme, I think it's a looker.

So here it is, all done.
By the time you read this it will have had it's debut at TORCH, I hope it goes as well as it looks.
I'll let you know.

If you missed it you can find the build report here.
Part 1
Part 2

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