Thursday, 14 March 2013

Team Xtreme Vega RB5 . . . Don't mind if I do.

Well I couldn't resit it.
It's a Team Xtreme Kyosho RB5 based Vega.

I have lusted after one of these for some time and when this little beauty cropped up for sale recently my heart got the better of my head, not to mention my wallet.

For those that don't know, the Vega is a  kit, comprising a number of tasty carbon and machined alloy parts to convert the rear motored Kyosho RB5 into a mid motored weapon capable, in the right hands, of running right at the sharp end.

Being a bit of a perfectionist the first thing I did was strip it down and rebuild it. Kyosho parts are not cheap so I was pleased to find there wasn't too much to replace. That said the little things soon add up so the old credit card took a bit of a hit!

The other important job was to procure a body shell and paint it up in my colours. I went for the Vega Gen 2 shell, it's like marmite you love it or hate it, I love it.
Job done.

Take a look at that sexy alloy gearbox.

Given my wallet has already taken an ass whoopin' I raided the pit box for some electrics, I found a Hobbywing speedo, then nicked the motor out of my SX2, a 6.5 turn X12, yikes!
A well used Futaba 9351 servo will take care of steering duties until my card recovers sufficiently to fund something newer.

This baby isn't going to be a shelf queen and I'm looking forward to running it at the earliest opportunity.
It might just happen at TORCH this weekend but the weather forecast is not positive.

Could this be the car to propel me to 'A' final glory?
Probably not but I live in hope.

I'll let  you know.


  1. Always a great read, really enjoying your blog mate. Keep up the good/amusing work!

    1. Thanks Jamie ... It's good to know someone is being entertained.