Saturday, 30 July 2011

1/8th scale European Championship Result

This is the preliminary result for the 8th scale European Championship held today in Luxembourg.
They are, at the time of writing, unconfirmed.

It was shaping up to be a great race between Collari, Balestri, Pietsch and Van Gastel until Balestri and Piestch ran into problems around 30 mins in to the race.
This meant that the different pitting strategies didn't get to play out and allowed Collari to keep Van Gastel under control to the flag.

A well deserved and, some would say, overdue victory for Collari.

Nr Vehicle   Pilot                 Country   Laps   Lap time   Absolute time  Best time  Med time
1     5        Collari Lamberto     IT        160     17.088     45:03.506       15.918        16.896
2     3        Van Gastel Ilia        BE       160     16.527     45:09.772       16.057        16.936
3     9        Vrielijnck Rick          NL       158    18.704     45:08.537       16.075         17.142
4     2        Romagnoli Michele   IT        157     17.967     45:04.670       16.121         17.227
5     10       Mack Oliver             DE       154     18.111     45:06.197        16.211         17.572
6     8        D'Hondt Robin        BE        121     20.842    34:32.967       16.283         17.131
7     4        Pietsch Robert        DE       115   1:07.172    33:22.570       16.099         17.413
8     7        Dankel Eric             DE       111      16.303     36:17.410       16.097         19.616
9     1        Balestri Dario          IT        110     17.465     32:21.665       16.123         17.651
10   6        Kurzbuch Simon       CH        96     17.318      31:36.651       16.213         19.756

Kyle Branson and Mark Green were highest placed Brits both running into trouble early and failing to finish their respective finals.

Durango DEX210 2wd Buggy

I notice that Durango have just released their new 2wd buggy.
The following pics are from their website, more can be found at . . .

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

We all love a new bodyshell ... Team Titan Blitz ISF

Team Titan have got some great BRCA approved shells including the ISF, ALTIS, S5 and G35.
They claim various handling characteristics for the various designs.

I have splashed the cash and got myself an ISF and an S5 to try.
I picked them up from  RC Direct  for £16.99 each, which I thought was pretty good.
I have painted up the ISF and plan to give it a run on Sunday.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

BRCA 8th scale National Round 5 Adur MCC

The great and the good of 1/8 scale gathered at AMCC on the sunny (yeah right!) south coast at the weekend for round 5 of the BRCA national champs.

Given the weather forecast it was unsurprising that the entry was a little down but, with one notable exception, all the top guys were there. There was no reason to expect anything other than some top quality on track action.

Fast local men (l) Dan Ghibaldan and (r) Nick Gilbert

Monday, 18 July 2011

BRCA 1/8 Circuit National at AMCC Image Gallery

It was a changeable and testing weekend for the F1 of RC racing.
Take a look at the pics if you don't believe me!

Slideshow not loading?
'You Tube' version can be viewed here:
Adur 1/8 National Image Gallery

Well done boys.
Report to follow.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

BRCA 1/8 Circuit National at Adur MCC

I paid a visit to Adur MCC this weekend where they were hosting Rnd 5 of the 1/8 circuit National series.
I took a few good pics and will be posting a write up in the next few days.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

My latest hop up.

Check this out.

It's an optimized beverage containment and dispensing device.
No, hang on, I came over a little bit xray for a moment there.
It's my new Schumacher tea mug.

Perfect for dunking custard creams when I'm banished to my man cave.
Spot on.
Thanks chaps.

TORCH - Buggy racing on Astro.

Ok it's official, I am now hooked on 1/10 electric buggies.
In order to satisfy this fetish I am busy visiting local tracks.

Over the last few weeks I have made several trips to TORCH, a club run by ex IC circuit racer Steve Brown.

Titchfield Off Road Club Hants is located in deepest Hampshire between, and a little North of, Portsmouth and Southampton. It's a nice country location set in the corner a farm, a pleasant place to enjoy a days racing. 
The surface is astro which means there is bags of grip and as a bonus the buggy stays nice and clean (ish!).

Friday, 8 July 2011

SHRCCC ... 'Old Skool' buggy racing!

In a previous post I wrote about a 1/10 off road club in Surrey, SHRCC, the baby of the venerable Neil 'Dudders' Dudman.

I'm new to 1/10 buggies and am told that running on grass is considered 'old skool' these days as, for various reasons, most clubs opt for a more maintenance friendly astro surface.

Nevertheless it appears to have been a great idea. Neil has been running a number of successful events including the Fastrax GP, a summer  'Shootout' series and regular club events on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings.

I've been turning up for some of these events with my new Cat SX2 to see what 'old skool' buggy racing is all about.  

The Fastrax GP is probably the biggest event held thus far at SHRCC. The meeting was sponsored by CML and all entrants recieved a set of control tyres for the bargain entry fee of £12.

A good turnout for the Fastrax GP

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Schumacher SX2 'Body Off' Pics

Hey there RC dudes and dudettes.
I went racing with my SX2 today at TORCH. I really enjoyed the day and will write a report later in the week.
In the meantime I promised to post a few 'body off' pics, so here they are!

Click on any pic for full size version.

Friday, 1 July 2011

My new baby ... Schumacher SX2 S1 Buggy

Hey all. I have not posted for couple of weeks as I have been moving home. It's all done now, thank goodness, so I can get back to embarrasing myself via this blog.

All of a sudden this 1/10 off road lark seems to be all the rage.
Now I'm not one to get left behind, well maybe I am on the track but it's not for a lack of equipment!
So I smashed the piggy bank, counted up all my pennies and guess what? I had enough to buy myself a Schumacher SX2 S1.

This model has now been superseded by the SX3 but it seems the main change is in the chassis layout (now utilising a mid mounted motor) whilst retaining front and rear bulkheads and the parts mounted thereon. 
Because of this I managed to get what I felt was an irresistible deal.