Wednesday, 27 April 2011

SHRCCC ... A new off road venue for Surrey & Hants.

SHRCCC is a brand new off road venue in Badshot Lea, Surrey.
This project is the baby of Neil Dudman, an active off road racer who will be well known to some of you. 
I met him for the first time at the track, he is nice chap who is full of enthusiasm for his new venture.
Although I know very little about this particular discipline he looks to have all the ingredients to produce a decent venue.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

ESC ... Woe is me!

I have decided to write a little bit about the venerable, and all of a sudden ubiquitous, speedo from Hobbywing, the original manufacturers of Speed Passion. There are various versions available including the 60a, 120a, extreme stock and 1s.

I have been runnning the 120a version since last summer. My buying decision was based primarily on cost as it looked like great value, this has certainly proven to be true. The big bonus is that it actually turned out to be pleasingly competitive, so much so that I also purchased a 60a version which is now in my buggy.

Fan removed to fit under the bodyshell.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ansmann Mad Rat .. An RC bargain!

The 1/10 off road scene seems to be very popular right now.
There are one or two new tracks popping up within easy travelling distance of me so I thought I'd give it go.
Now being a cautious kind of a guy I didn't want to blow a bundle of green on something I'm not going to enjoy, this train of thought led me to Apex Models and the Ansmann Mad Rat.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A makeover for Adur off-road

Adur MCC have recently completed a revamp of their popular off road track in West Sussex.
Some dedicated volunteers have clearly spent a great deal of time and expended much effort to create a completely new layout with some intimidating new features that will undoubtedly test the best and torment the rest!

They were holding the first round of the new summer series so I decided to make the trip and do my best not to embarass myself with my Hot Bodies D8.

Check out the bermed sweeper which is quickly followed by a testing kicker onto a raised section with a 180 degree hairpin.... Gulp!
(click on pics for full size)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Adur MCC: Winter championship decider.

A dry day on the south coast ensured a decent turn out for the last round of the Adur winter series.
There were trophies at stake so people were soldering in their quick motors and charging up their no.1 batteries.
I had an outside chance of winning the superstock class but needed an unlikely set of circumstances to fall into place. A tall order with the quality of the field that had turned up to race. The more achievable goal for me was to confirm 2nd place.

Entrants included Jay Westwood, Timmay Langdell and Tim Hancock so today was going to be quick!

 Chris Betts was in attendance and feeling confident.