Saturday, 31 December 2011

"WARNING" - 1/12 racing can cause smiling!

Horsham RC Club was my destination on Friday eve to give my Corally SP12X its first outing.

I was a little trepidatious as I have heard varying reports about how easy or difficult these little firecrackers can be to drive.
I wasn't expecting anything of the car or myself and had decided I would be happy if I could just get it round the track without causing too much distress to myself or any body else!
I was quite pleased when I turned up to find that, due to the holidays, it was a fairly quiet evening. A good meeting at which to cut my 1/12 teeth.
I bagged a spot next to a pal of mine, Greg Fairlie, an experienced 12th driver and Corally owner to boot. Excellent, just the man from whom to gather valuable advice and to steal Jack the Gripper tyre additive off of, the sauce of choice amongst the Horsham guys.

Gregs Corally on the left with a shiny new shell . . . not for long!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Time for a 1/12 virgin to pop his cherry.

OK it's time for the talking to stop and the driving to commence.
I have managed to get my Corally SP12X ready for battle.

Over the last month or so I have been gathering together a range of budget conscious components.
These include a Team Powers 13.5t motor and a Hobbywing Xerun speedo from the spares box, a Savox SH-1250MG digital servo from flea bay and a Turnigy lipo from Hobby King.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Toastie digits!

OK so this isn't strictly an RC product but for those of us that brave the British weather racing outdoors over the winter it's a great performance upgrade.

 Whilst I am not claiming the message my brain sends to my fingers is the right one I do, at least, like it to get through. The trouble is when my fingers are frozen there appears to be something of a delay.
Not to mention those bloomin' screws and circlips that always develop a mind of their own as my digits succumb to the cold.

Thanks to this baby all my troubles are over . . . maybe.

This little beauty isn't a new invention by any means, indeed as a nipper I remember my dad lighting up one of these before an afternoon on the terraces watching our local footy team, and what's good enough for pop is good enough for me.

All you do is light the charcoal rod, pop it in the case and enjoy toastie fingers for up to 6 hours.

Under a tenner . . . A no brainer.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Merry Christmas & a happy new year.

Well dear readers the festive season is once again upon us.
A time when every racer looks forward to getting loads of RC related gifts but actually ends up with pants, socks and crappy aftershave.

Oh well I remain optimistic . . . This just might be the year when Santa reads my letter and puts the elves to work on the Pipski list!

So happy holidays to fellow RC racers across the globe.
May you all have a great (insert appropriate festival here) and may your 2012 season bring great results and enormous trophies.

Thanks for coming along in 2011.
Keep reading in the new year when I will endeavour to entertain and inform, just for a change!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Apex Winter Open at SHRCCC

I toddled off to Farnham last Sunday to get involved with Apex Models sponsored Winter Open at SHRCCC.

Problem is . . . I forgot my camera . . Doh!
So only a short review and just the one 'show-off' pic of my pot!

As usual the club made good use of the space available putting together a track with a decent selection of features to keep it interesting.

The turn out was reasonable with around 45 drivers making the effort.

I had a decent day with the SX3 managing 3rd overall behind a quick Terry Streeter in 2nd and impressive youngster, Ollie Crew, in 1st.

Dean Mandeville took the win in 2wd.
Everyone in attendance seemed to have a good time, most returning home with a smile, so well done and thanks to the organisers for putting on a good day.

SHRCCC have big plans afoot with a brand new outdoor astro track in the pipeline for 2012. Should be a venue to watch out for with regular Sunday meetings planned in addition to the evening meets of 2011.

In the meantime they continue to run their Thursday night indoor meetings until the weather improves.
Worth a look for your winter fix.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Corally SP12X . . . Moore-Speed Reynard 02S

I have been waiting for the postman to get here, all the way from HK, with parts for my 12th car. The poor so and so will be knackered pedalling all that way on his little red bike.

In the meantime I have flourished the airbrush.

I have procured myself a Hot Bodies More-Speed Reynard 02S shell. It's probably not the 'whoop dee do' shell to have for this class but Nick at Demon had one in stock so that's what I've got! 
Anyway, as a 1/12 novice I am sure it wont be long before I need another at which time I will have some experience and maybe just a little more idea about what I need (or maybe not!).

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Bullistorm ESC . . . Bargain or B******t?

In my determination to keep my 1/12 folly to a sensible budget I have just picked this up.
A 60a speedo, made by Bullistorm, that is capable of running all the latest HW timing boost software.
 It is blatant Hobbywing copy and it remains to be seen if it actually works but for the price it was worth a little gamble.
From the outside it looks to be of reasonable quality but of course thats no guarantee of what might be on the inside.