Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hobao Hyper H2 Build . . Part 1

I am often heard to exclaim "How (expletive deleted) much?" when being shown or told about the latest hot new kit on the market, and this time was no exception.
However, the reason for my surprise at the new Hobao Hyper H2 Pro was not how high the price is but how low.
This kit, with a little shopping around, can be delivered to your door for just 135 English pounds!

So it's off to the man cave for a bit of wrench time to establish if this kit is the bargain it appears to be.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Hobao Hyper H2 Pro . . Thanks postie!

Whilst most of us lust after a DB1, a Vega, or even an RB6,  many of us have to be more modest in our aspirations.

With this in mind the postie paid me a visit this week.
Under his arm he was carrying a Hyper H2 Pro, the latest offering from the Taiwanese 1/8 rally cross experts Hobao.

This kit, distributed in the UK by CML, has an RRP a sniff below £150 but a little scout around the net can see it winging it's way to you for only £135.

My initial un-boxing suggests my money has been well spent. There are lots of sturdy looking parts and a beautifully machined and engraved alloy chassis, reminiscent of a Losi 22 and not massively dissimilar to an RB6.
There is even a full set of wheels/tyres and inserts.

Over the next few days I shall be retiring to the man cave to wield the wrenches in the direction of this box of goodies.
 I plan to find out if  it's the bargain it appears to be.

I'll take some pics and make a few notes so I can write up a build report so be sure to check back.