Thursday, 27 October 2011

Durango DEX410R . . . I sploshed some paint on!

Having managed to squeeze everything under the diminutive shell supplied with the 410 it was time to spill some paint all over it.
I decided to go for the 'team' look and try to create something similar to my Losi 22.

These are the results.

A recent discovery of mine is liquid mask, having used it on my last few shells I am certian I will never go back to masking tape.

First a coat of gold metalflake that doesn't show up in the pics but looks great in the sunshine.

Then a combination of Pactra solvent based paints and Createx acrylics.

A team pic of the Losi 22 and Durango 410R nose to nose. Hmmm 4wd or 2wd? Choices eh!

I can't wait to head for the track now.
I am looking forward to comparing the Rango with the SX3.
I will let you know what I think.

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