Saturday, 22 October 2011

GM90 . . . Smooth as a baby's bum!

A couple of weeks back I picked up a used GM90 speedo. I have seen lots of guys going very fast with these and become convinced that I would be just as fast if I got one.
Of course I wont but my delusional attitude is what keeps RC companies in business!

I squeezed it into the Mi4, I really should invest in a micro rx to replace the housebrick that currently resides therein. The GM has quite a footprint, slightly smaller than a HW but still more navvy than tekin sized ballet dancer.

I don't have the USB cable to hook this up to my pc and, even if I did, lack the required wherewithal to press the appropriate buttons that will make it go fast.
My solution? Take it along to Nick Adams @ Demon so he can work his renowned arcane electrickery and make this baby sing.

So full of hope and expectation it was off to Adur for a club meeting. For once I was not to be disappointed, this speedo is a beaut'.
I don't think it's much faster than the HW I have been using but it is so driveable. It is very smooth enabling even the the ability challenged such as myself to pop in some quick laptimes.

For once I feel my money has been well spent and I am, for this week at least, a happy RC'er.

My quest for world domination continues (slowly) . . .

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