Tuesday, 11 October 2011

SHRCCC hits the carpet.

Thursday night is now carpet racing night at SHRCCC.

 Located in the Swiftsure hall on the same site as the outdoor track this brand new indoor venue aims to continue its popular weekly meetings regardless of the weather.
To this end Dudders has procured carpet from, the alas now defunct, RC Arena.

It's a fair sized hall that allows for a decent sized track. Neil managed to come up with a decent layout for the first meeting which included a selection of small jumps and obstacles. I am sure this will evolve as time goes by to take full advantage of the space available. If I know Dudders before long he will have us all jumping mahoosive crossovers and negotiating enormous walls of death!

For now the relatively straightforward layout above suits me just fine.

The pic above was taken from the first floor balcony that serves as a perfect rostrum with room for everyone. 
It gives a birds eye view of the track that takes a little getting used to, but to which one soon becomes accustomed.
There was a decent turnout for the inaugural meeting covering a wide range of ability. This meant everyone got to have a decent race.

2wd seemed to be the favoured formula on the night.

A big positive is that there are no time limits on the use of the hall so meetings can run late into the evening guaranteeing a value for money race night for everyone.

Thanks to Neil for spotting, and recording for prosterity, my schoolboy error!

I reckon it was a good first meeting, I will certainly be going back. Judging from overheard comments of others I wont be the only one. This is a venue that I suspect will quickly establish itself in the weekly diaries of racers after an indoor winter fix.

The next meeting is this Thursday 13th October. I will be breaking out the 22 (Properly prepared this week!) and expect to see a few hastily built DEX210s losing their virginity.

See you there.

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  1. well said and agree with it all. nice pitting with you. Dazza. aka, Tartman!