Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lady Luck's done a runner!

Well readers my luck has deserted me.

Over the last few weeks I've had the kind of run that makes an RC racer wonder why.
Why do I get up at 6.00am on a Sunday?
Why do I drive 50 or 60 miles to stand in a cold wet car park in the middle of nowhere?
Why do I spend hundreds, nay thousands, of pounds in the vigorous pursuit of fractions of a second?
Why do I participate in a hobby after which I return home happy only around 50 per cent of the time?

Because I, like you, am addicted.
Addicted to what?

Those days when I beat my personal best.
Those days when I nail the 'A'.
Those days when I return home triumphant with a 2 bob trophy that's cost me a hundred quid to win.
Those days when the postman brings me an RC package.
 And those balmy summer days chillin' with my buds.

That's why I put up with weekends like the last 3!

Week 1: 10 minutes use with the brand new SX3, the rear belt self desructed and destroyed the rear diff pulley.
Credit to Schumacher who were excellent, the car is now sporting a new set of belts including the new uprated 'Bando' belts for the front and centre, all free of charge.
Thanks guys.

Week 2:  SX3 out of commission the SX2 was back on track.  I managed to hop a barrier and get clouted, full pelt, by my mate Cameron. Fortunately his car was undamaged, I was not so lucky, the impact completely destroyed a front shock, breaking it in two, smashing the piston and bending the shaft.
Game over.

Week 3: SX3 repaired ready for it's proper race debut at TORCH. I didn't even make the start line for my first heat. I connected with a dead car on the back straight during the warm up lap, the result was not pretty!
Wishbone, 2x ti turnbuckles and a carbon shock tower.  

 Oh well 'thats racing'.
Best part of a hundred quid later and my cars are back together.

Now where am I off to this Sunday?
Mustn't forget to set the alarm, fill up with petrol and charge my 12 volt.
I can't wait!

Now where can I find a lucky four leaf clover?

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