Monday, 28 March 2011

A spring day at Aldershot MCC.

This weekend I made the trip to Aldershot Model Car Club on the Surrey/Hampshire border.
Not such a big deal as it's only 2 miles from me!

Despite the damp start there was a good turn out of 40 - 50 drivers running superstock, prostock and modified. I ran in superstock which was the best supported, as seems to be the case at most clubs, with an entry of 27.

Most of you will know it well but for those that don't it's a great track with  a lap time around 15sec.
There is plenty about it to test any level of driver including a tricky chicane that will punish inaccuracy and a scary high speed banked sweeper that rewards bravery.


I have decided to commit myself to my Mi4 and was determined to get it working.

The damp start meant the first heat was to be run on inters. I must have done something right during my midweek twiddling, thanks Ori, as I seemed to be reasonably competitive. In a tight field I ended the first round in 9th.

The sun showed its face, the track started to dry and the grip came up. My car was handling very well but was lacking the speed of the fastest cars, especially Nicks which is alway a rocket; it must be all his extra years of experience!

I was satisfied to end 4 rounds of qualifying in 13th place. It was very tight in the middle of the pack and I think there was only 8 secs or so, and some decent drivers, separating me from the top half of the A. Nick Adams TQd with a lap time that wouldn't have been out of place in Mod!

And so to lunch
These days no trip to Aldershot track is complete without a visit to "Robinos" on track catering.
Robin knocks up some great nosh including home made burgers and a full english breakfast.
Don't miss it.
(That plug must be worth a burger on the house?)

Robin is abetted by his glamorous assistant Peggy but I couldn't find this on the menu anywhere! (Don't tell Nigel)

The finals
So I was off 3rd in the 'B'.

Final 1
I made a solid start and managed to retain my place, always an acheivement!
The car was handling well and I was keeping touch with the leaders. As it turned out I didn't need to make any spectacular overtaking manoeuvers as the front guys made early errors that let me get to the front.
It was then a just a question of keeping my concentration and not making mistakes.
 'B' final glory was mine!

Final 2
I decided to run my Xray in the second final. I wanted to run the 2 cars back to back as a comparison.
A less than effulgent display saw me exit stage left off the top of the sweeper after 6 laps.

All in all a great day out.
I was very happy with the Mi4LP a bit more speed, a decent diff and some obliging thumbs and I wont be too far away.
Good racing.
Good weather.
Good company.
What more could one ask for, thanks guys.

The future is bright.... The future is purple!

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