Monday, 29 July 2013

SHRCCC . . . The Thursday gang!

I haven't raced at SHRCCC for a while so as I was in the area Thursday evening I decided drop by and take a look.
I had my camera with me so took a few pics.
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I am pleased to report that the club appears to be in rude health and is attracting 20 plus drivers for their regular Thursday evening sessions.

They have club cars that are regularly loaned to 'newbies' and youngsters, these are in high demand and are best booked in advance if you fancy a go. 
On Thursday Darren was dragged along by his nephew who had a great time, Darren took him home however when it appeared the lad may be the best driver in the family.

The track hasn't changed much since my last visit and remains a tight technical affair ready to catch out the unwary, but at the same time happy to reward the talented.

The usual range of abilities can be found ragging round a wide selection of cars.
You'll see everything from Tamiya RTRs  right through to exotic conversions and everything in-between. 

Including quite a number of 4wd cars converted to run 2wd, these are certainly causing some controversy at the moment.
I don't think I'm a fan but would be interested to know what you think?

The 'A' heat lined up and ready to go.

Things don't always go to plan!

Unfortunately there is still plenty of spur gear unfriendly sand in the track, which makes life interesting for those who stray off line. 

The SHRCCC crew certainly don't subscribe to the less is more idiom, apart from the main straight there is barely a part of the track that doesn't include a feature or obstacle of some description.

Meaning plenty of head scratching with regard to the ideal set-up.
Salvo is a regular with his Durango 210.

"Jimmy" McCabe is a happy man these days as one of the XB4 2wd migrants. He reckons they are at least a lap quicker. 

The 'Thursday Gang'.
A big plus point for this club is the mains power available to everyone, which has to be a good thing for those just starting out as it means a 'gennie' or leisure battery is not required.

Paul B giving his SX2 a new lease of life as a 2wd.

So if you are at a loose end on a Thursday evening and are local to Farnborough in Surrey get along and support these guys.

There are worse things you could be doing.

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