Wednesday, 7 August 2013

TORCH 2wd Regional Rnd5 . . . The decider!

Last weekend I made the familiar trip to TORCH for the final round of the BRCA Mid South Regional Series.

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As we have come to expect from TORCH the track was in great order.
Dan and the lads had come up with yet another layout, more technical than the one it replaces and sure to be a test for even the best drivers. 
I have to admit I didn't take to it, I found the jump difficult and  had to be careful not to get caught out by a couple of track joints. 
As they say though, it was the same for everybody.

The turnout was around 70 drivers, not bad for the final round of a series, most of the region's clubs were well represented.

A damp track and a glance skywards made me wonder if I would be getting out the wet car. Others, with a better tyre budget than me, were similarly unsure and prepared themselves for any eventuality. 
I needn't have worried as the sun soon asserted itself , banished the dark clouds, and decided to shine on us all day.

Most people spent their valuable practice time getting to grips with the tricky new tabletop. 
It is not quite square and the approach is straight and fast so lining the car up, getting the braking point right, and hitting the down ramp for the immediate 180 degree turn is a real test, one I would frequently fail throughout the day.

At the drivers briefing it was announced that long serving BRCA Regional Off Road Rep Keith Wardle is standing down, to be replaced by Steve Brown and Paul Timberlake who will share the position.
Thanks for you past efforts and commitment Keith.

Kristian was going to enjoy the day regardless, he and I would meet later on in the 'E' final.

Not sure what was bothering Matt Owen but it didn't seem to slow him up too much as he managed to put his Schumacher 5th on the 'A' grid.

Terry, Mark and Freddie share some post race thoughts, Terry would put his DB1 4th on the 'A' grid.
I got confused trying to watch Mark and Freddie as they were both hustling round virtually identical Losi 22s.

Some were happy with how it was going . . . 

Others, less so.

I was in the latter camp, struggling to get to grips with the new layout.

The final qualifying was posted and everyone was keen to find out what they had achieved.
As previously mentioned I had, slightly disappointingly, put myself 3rd on the 'E' grid, not really what I had hoped for at my home track but these are tough events.

Duncan 'Dobber' Hedger's RB6 Vega.

Mr Rude Bits, Tony Evdoka and his lovingly prepared RB6.

Dave O'Brien, clearly pleased with himself.

All the finals were hotly contested and fun to watch.

James Barker, taking his marshalling duties seriously. 

Look closely, spot the breakage.

At the sharp end the usual names can be found making up the 'A' main.

After two hard fought legs, the second being a particularly messy affair, Kev Lee and Steve Brown could not be separated with one win apiece.
Leg 3 was to be the decider.
And what a great race it turned out to be.

This was one of the best races I have seen in some time. The two main protagonists ran pretty much nose to tail for almost the entire 5 minutes.
Steve got to the front but Kev was glued to his bumper trying to force an error, Steve however was driving a great race hitting apex after apex and leaving no way through for Kev.
But with just a couple of laps to go Steve made a bobble and Kev was through, all Kev had to do was stay clean for a lap and the spoils were his.
Fate was with Steve on the day though as Kev then made an error of his own, Steve squeezed back through and took the checkered flag.

A postcard from Terry Streeter.

I managed to finish my day on a positive by wobbling my way to the win in my final and was rewarded with a little trophy. . Yay!

Somewhat bigger were the trophies awarded to the top 3 on the day:
1st Steve Brown (TQ)
2nd Kev Lee
3rd Matt Owen

Well done chaps. 

Additional congratulations to Glenn Westwood who, although absent on the day, managed to win the series and be crowned Mid South Region Champ 2013.

I've enjoyed the series, despite not doing too well, all the events I attended were well run and well attended. A big thank you to all who made it happen.

 I am already looking forward to the 2014 championship.
When does booking in open?

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