Friday, 5 July 2013

Stotfold 2wd Mid South Regional . . . Round 4

When the alarm sounded at stupid-o-clock on Sunday morning my woe was tempered by the fact that my destination for the day was to be Stotfold for the latest round of the BRCA Mid South Regional series.

I have read a lot recently about the improvements the club have made to the venue so was excited to visit and see for myself.
On arrival it was clear that all the hard work had been worthwhile as the track looked great.
The layout had been tweaked since my previous visit and much of the astro has been replaced with some nice new bright green stuff giving the whole place a fresh new feel.

(Click on any pic for gallery view) 

It might look nice but don't be fooled into thinking this is an easy track, it's very '3D' and tricky to learn, it took me both of the practice heats just to remember where to turn left and right let alone where the bumps were! I knew it would be a tough day for me.

Around 80 of the usual suspects rocked up for the days racing including the new slimline 'Forbesy', a belligerent Mr Rumble, a purposeful looking Mr Sadler and happy looking TORCHers Mr Burgess and Mr Brown. 

Most of the regions clubs were well represented with significant contingents from TORCH, SHRCCC, SRCMCC and of course the host club.

As we have come to expect from the Stotfold crew the meeting ran like clockwork. There were refs on the rostrum for all heats to ensure driving standards remained high, which must have worked as I didn't hear a dissenting voice all day.

Well that's not strictly true as I did hear one or two grumbles about converted XB4s. There certainly was alot of them and they do seem bloomin' quick!

Even Sam Mughal was smiling! I am disappointed to report that I didn't get one of his famous samosas but this was not a problem as the excellent Stotfold catering outfit did a sterling job of feeding the hungry masses.

I tried to keep a smile on my face all day but, despite enjoying the track, was producing my all too frequent poor performance. I do get sooo frustrated with this hobby sometimes. By the end of qualifying I had just about managed to creep in to the 11 lap club but alas this was much too little much too late, I was destined for a low final. 

Plenty of guys were having a much better time of it however and it was great to see some quality work behind the sticks from some of the best in our region. 

Apart from underneath my own little thundercloud the sun beat down all day and temps got up in to the high twenties, I bet there were some very sore very red necks on Monday morning.

Trish insisted I take his photograph and struck his best catalogue pose!

It all got a little too much for the 'seniors' who needed to take a little afternoon nap.

Trish tried to get a Mexican wave going but these guys had their race faces on and were having none of it!

After 4 rounds of  qualifying  Glen Westwood topped the time sheets with his XB4/2.
The question was could he convert this one into that elusive win and take home the silverware?

The answer to that question was yes.
After the first two legs the top step of the podium was still up for grabs but Glen did enough in leg 3 to clinch the win.
Well done bud. 

And of course a big well done to the Stotfold club for a well run meeting and a great days racing.

As for me, well I'd rather not talk about it if you don't mind!
Let's see if I can embarrass myself a little less in the final round at TORCH on August 4th.
See you there.

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