Thursday, 18 July 2013

TORCH Summer Series Round 3

All roads led to TORCH last weekend for Round 3 of their great summer series.
The weatherman said it was going to be a scorcher so t-shirts and high factor sun cream were essential to ensure a full days fun without lobster tinged regret on Monday morning.

It must be have been warm as sandal wearing Clarkie had even removed his socks.

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The good weather ensured a decent turnout with most of the usual suspects in attendance as well as a few faces that hadn't been seen in a while blowing away the RC cobwebs,.

Grant Fribbens was presented with a special Borat mankini that, thankfully, he wore over his normal clothes, that's if Grants clothes can ever be described as normal?
He clearly dresses to the left!

The weatherman was absolutely right about the weather, it was scorchio.

Everyone seemed to be in good spirits.

TORCH . . . The friendly club.

Even I was happy as after qualifying I had managed to creep into the A final, in 9th place. I was actually promoted to 6th after a number of front runners disappeared early due to other commitments.

I didn't manage to convert my qualifying position in to anything meaningful, partly thanks to some, ahem, enthusiastic driving from some of my fellow finalists.  

No matter, I had still enjoyed the day and went home with a smile on my face.

The next big meeting at TORCH is the 2wd regional on the 4h of August so I expect the next few club meetings to be quite busy with the regions racers getting in some important track time.

Although I expect the committee will come up with a few changes come the big day so nobody should get too comfortable.

Thanks again to the TORCH crew for putting on another great days racing.

Full results from the days buffoonery can be found HERE.

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