Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Durango DEX410V3 . . . A new car in my garage.

I loosened the strings on the Pipski purse this week.

Durango have reduced the price of the DEX410V3, probably because a new car is imminent.
Of course that doesn't make the current model a bad one, so I treated myself.

The V3 is a bargain at its current price and comes loaded with a raft of desirable features that can usually only be dreamed of at this price point.

I published a full build report on the DEX410R a while back, which can be found HERE, so I won't be doing another for this model as the build is essentially identical bar a few notable improvements.

Worthy of note are alloy hinge pin hangers all round, with shim adjustable anti squat, alloy caster blocks and big bore 'Fat Shocks'.

It seems that Durango have taken on board the weaknesses of the V2 model and acted to rectify most of them on the V3.

Also included are front and rear roll bars, carbon shock towers and the new Khuler body shell. 
The Khuler shell is slightly redesigned from the original and allows a  little more room for the electrical installation, which has always been a bit of a challenge on this car.

My usual rummage around the toolbox identified a 6.5t LRP X12 and a GM90 esc that were currently not in use so these have been pressed in to service for shakedown duties.

I suspect I'll be scouting around for a 5.5t motor before too long however as this car does have a power sapping drive train that would certainly benefit from a hotter power plant.

This combo slotted in under the new shell without drama.

I did have to rob another car for the Savox 1258 servo.

An afternoon in the man cave with the spray gun resulted in a shell resplendent in 'PipskiRacing' colours and a car ready to hit the track for a shakedown.
That shakedown will probably be at TORCH following an upcoming morning club meeting.
Hopefully I can keep it in one piece long enough to report back.

I enjoyed building this kit.
All the parts were as they should be and went together well.
The quality is, in my opinion, good and can certainly not be complained about at the current price point.

My only small criticism would be that at this price these kits may be tempting for new starters, however the manual is not sufficiently comprehensive for those with less experience who may be confused in certain areas.

Money well spent . . . Let's off-road!

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