Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Corally SP12X . . . 1/12 I'll give that a go!

One of the few RC disciplines I haven't thrown a stack of cash at is 12th scale.
Well the time has come to change that.

Horsham RC club is an easy drive from me and they currently run a couple of heats of 1/12 on a Friday evening so, I thought to myself, why not get involved?

I am assured by much better drivers than myself that 1/12 cars are probably the most difficult to drive. Lightning fast reactions and total concentration are required to get these sensitive little cars round the track.
A big ask from a chap of my advancing years!

Oople has a lot to answer for when it comes to my RC (mis) adventures and when I saw this brand new Corally SP12X come up in the 'for sale' section at a reasonable price I just couldn't say no.

This SP12X is not the latest model but will be perfect to get me going and give me chance to find out if I get on with this class

It is the WC edition and is a very nice piece of kit. It boasts a full titanium screw set along with ceramic bearings and Corallys own front suspension set up. With lots of carbon and blingy red alloy this really is a pretty little car.

Next job is to gather together the components required to get this baby up and running.
The list includes a bodyshell, a 3.7v lipo, a mini servo, an ESC and I think a voltage booster may be required.

I will be scouring the forums and bending some ears to get as much advice as I can and will be happy to hear from any seasoned 12th drivers with wisdom to impart.
More to learn and more to spend!

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