Saturday, 12 November 2011

Spoilt for choice at SHRCCC

I have entered the MKGP which is being held at the home of  the Newbury RC club on 18/19th November.
This is to be an indoor 1/10 off-road event running mainly on carpet, more specifically the actual carpet from SHRCCC.
With this in mind last Thursday I made the trip to Farnham to have a run with some (all) of my cars in an effort to to establish some kind of battle plan with the aim of minimizing potential embarrassment come race day.

Dudders set up a great little track with a variety of obstacles including a cross over, a couple of table tops, one being on a corner and some slippy stuff. It was all crammed into a fairly small space but more than enough to test any car. 

There was no space to spare on my pit table. I took with me my TLR22, SX2, SX3 and Durango 410 with the intention of giving them all a go.
The plan:
 Losi: Pre race practice
SX3: Heat 1
SX2: Heat 2
410R: Heat 3

It made for an interesting comparison. I had made some changes to the Losi and liked how it felt. The practice wasn't timed so I couldn't tell for sure, I will have to return soon for a night of 2wd action to see how good (bad) it is, or I am.

When it came to the 4wd cars it was again difficult to tell. The 410 and SX3 seemed evenly matched, both felt better than the SX2, all 3 cars were all pretty much on the pace though. Unfortunately the SX3 broke a diff output, probably a hangover from a previous crash, so I didn't get to run a full heat with it. This may have made my decision for me as I was running a one way and may not be able to get the part before the weekend.

Time for some 410 action at the MKGP then!

It was a well attended meeting with some familiar faces showing up.
Terry Streeter was the man to beat, between fags.
Darren 'Tartman' Parker is still trying to decide 2wd or 4wd, which one isn't broken buddy?

There is some good fun to be had here on a Thursday evening so get yourself along for a giggle.

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