Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Get a grip Pip!

I think I may have got a little carried away with my buggy fetish.
I am hoping this admission in front of my peers is the first step on the road to recovery.

It all started back in the Summer when I met, what seemed like, a nice guy. His name was Neil 'Dudders' Dudman and he was about to set up a new off road club SHRCCC.
I trusted him when he assured me what he was offering was just harmless fun and that I would meet, and enjoy the company of, other people just like me.

Little did I know then that it would lead to this.

Since that fateful day I have become an addict, there I said it,  and spend all my time working out how I will get my next fix. I need it at least once maybe twice a week and if I dont get it I become irritable and difficult to live with.
I am now spending all my spare cash on 1/10 off road cars and have since purchased and built 5 brand new models.

My current collection can be seen in these pics and comprises 2 Schumacher Cats, an SX2 and SX3, a Durango DEX410R and a Losi 22. All are fully equipped with electrics and ready to race.

I am hoping that by laying myself bare before you I can shame myself into regaining control and diverting my energies back in to more constructive, wholesome pursuits where I will be outside the influence of the reprobates with whom I currently consort. 

I do need to get this issue under control or the consequences will be serious. It is even possible I wont be able to afford the new Schumacher circuit car when it's released, can you just imagine that?!

Thanks for caring.

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