Saturday, 14 July 2012

Pro-line SX3 Bulldog Body Kit

I know this is a controversial subject but I have succumbed to the hype and indulged myself with a forward cab body shell for my trusty Schumacher SX3.

I think I am correct in saying that Pro-line are the first mass producer to offer this kind of shell for the SX3 although the final product is very similar to the versions already available for the B44.

I got mine from MB Models for the princely sum of £21. When I opened the package I was very pleased to discover the kit included not just a matching undertray but window masks and a full sized rear wing . . . Result! 

The aggressive styling can be clearly seen from this profile pic. I know there is some debate amongst the buggy fraternity as to the efficacy of this type of shell and that they are poo-pooed by as many as they are loved.
I am open to persuasion and think they look kinda cool, if it works as a tuning aid then that's a bonus.

The various parts require cutting and trimming but the lines and holes are accurately marked so this is a doddle. Once cut the shell is a nice fit but does need to be used with the supplied undertray which is a slightly different shape than standard.

The shell is decent, but not brilliant, quality being a little flimsy on the sides where the lexan has been stretched a little thin. 

I was so excited that I immediately got to work with the liquid mask and a 'Sharpie' and have already come up with a design.
Despite gentle persuasion with a hairdryer the liquid mask has not dried  in time for me to squirt some colour on before tomorrows meeting so testing will have to wait another week. 

I will be painting this baby up during the week and hope to roll it out next weekend.
I will then post some more pics and let you know if a fumble thumbs like me can tell the difference between this and an egg box!

Happy RCing!

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