Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mi4LP SpecR front gear diff

Fed up with destroying my buggies on a weekly basis I decided to ring the changes at the weekend.

I popped the Mi4 on to the set-up station and prepped it for a days club racing at the Adur MCC circuit.
A bit of a gamble given the preceding weather but one that turned out to be worthwhile as Sunday dawned chilly but dry.

I don't know about you but now the mornings are getting cold and dark a strong will is required to get me to the track on a Sunday!

Part of the resaon for this effort was to try out my new SpecR diff. No not that one, I have treated myself to another for the front.

I built it up, filled it with 500,000wt oil, and popped it in the pit box. (Yes 500,000wt)

I ran the spool in heat one for comparison purposes but then dropped in the diff and ran it for the rest of the day, 3 more qualys and two finals.

It was a slippery day and grip was slow to come up so it's difficult to come to a definitive conclusion but my feeling is that I will not be removing this diff anytime soon. It seemed to suit my driving style, giving me just a little more entry steering and sacrificing almost nothing at the exit all the while remaining predictable.

It was a small field but I managed to win all my heats and both finals, just the fillip I need after the last few weeks.

So my money wasn't wasted on another useless 'go faster' item and I had a good days racing to boot, I returned home happy.

This time!

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