Wednesday, 24 August 2011

TORCH Summer Series - Round 5

I had a trip to TORCH at the weekend to compete in round 5 of their summer series.

This is a well run, competitive, series that continues to gain popularity and this weekend attracted 60 drivers across 8 heats. Part of the reason for this popularity must be due to the fact that for a £10 entry fee every driver gets around half an hour of open practice followed by 4 qualifiers and 3 finals . . . Now that's value!

Dudders and the RC Lazy crew

Talent, enthusiasm, good looks and much much more all on one rostrum!
I have been creeping closer to the front over the summer and have done enough to be seeded into the 'A' heat. I feel at home there and have been having some great races with Dave O'Brien, Cameron Taylor and Al Lecomte. They have the edge on me but I am keeping them honest and will do my best to continue creeping closer and maybe even mount a challenge. Steve and Dan Brown still look a long way off however! 

The weather was predicted to be ok but we suffered a light shower during Q1 giving the early runners the advantage. The rain quickly abated and the remainder of the day was dry and warm. The round by round qualifying format, with 3 out of 4 counting, gave the quicker guys a chance to get back in the game.

James Lucas . . Marshall or model?

Now thats marshalling!
My goal for the day was to make the A final and after 4 rounds I managed to achieve this and was to start A8. Anything further would be a bonus.
I have not yet got the hang of the somewhat spirited starts in 4wd buggy so tend to struggle in the finals. These guys are fast and they make few mistakes, recovering from a poor start is therefore difficult, another lesson that needs learning! 

After 3 finals I had managed an overall finish of 9th. Slightly disappointing but something to work on. I am making progress and am certainly having a lot of fun learning about my SX2 and buggy racing in general.

Well done to the trophy winners:
1. Matt Perry
2. Glen Westwood
3. Dave Burton

1. Steve Brown
2. Dan Brown
3. Mark Townsend

Full results here.

The great & the good of the 2wd 'A' heat.
The guys at TORCH also put on a great raffle meaning that even if you weren't a trophy winner there was still a chance to go home with some booty. Quite a few people went home clutching prizes, including me. I wasn't lucky enough to win the SP motor or the 'Chef' paint job but I was happy enough with my pre mount
mini-pins courtesy of Schumacher.

Got that slipper just right.
Thanks to all the guys at TORCH for running a top meeting. It's a long but satisfying day, just the way I like 'em, and I am sure I speak for everyone when I say your efforts are much appreciated.

I am seeing more and more familiar faces from the touring car world turn up at these meetings, we can't all be wrong.

When are YOU getting a buggy?

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