Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I couldn't resist it! . . . Schumacher Cat SX3

It's amazing what a good day at the track can make you do.

I spent Sunday at TORCH competing in one of their club meetings. It's a track I really enjoy. So much so I am pleased to call myself their newest member. 
I ended up being really happy with my day. I achieved 2 of my personal targets on one day. I cracked the 11 lap barrier and bagged myseld a 28 sec lap.
Yay for me!

Regular readers will know that it is only couple of months since I bought a brand new Schumacher SX2. Well I didn't let that stop me celebrating my day and went ahead and rewarded myself with a brand new SX3.
This is the latest buggy from Schumacher and is claimed to be awesome. In fact I fully expect it to make me the next world champion. (Maybe!)

My extravagance did not end there.
I also purchased another Xerun 120a speedo to drop in it.
These speedos are great value and will have no problem powering the 5.5t motor I have also ordered.
Oh and don't forget the saddle packs that are required for this model.

Bloody hell, this is getting expensive . . . Oh well I am worth it.

I will take a few pics and write a few words as I build it so don't forget to come back and have a look.

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