Saturday, 13 August 2011

I couldn't resist it! (Part 2) . . . Durango DEX410R

Do you remember what I said about a good day at the track prompting exravagance?
Well I had better start having some bad days soon or I am going to be completely boracic!
(I didn't really mean that oh great gods of RC)

Anyway I blame Michael Ball at MB Models.
Michael has struck a deal with Durango meaning that right now he is doing a cracking price on the 410R.

This car came pretty close to winning the worlds in the hands of Joern Neumann. But for some problems with Joerns electrics Ryan Cavalieri may not have been on the top step in Finland  last month.
Thats good enough for me . . . If the SX3 doesn't make me the next world champion then surely this will.

Seriously though, the car seems to be based on an entirely different design concept than the Schumacher.
The SX3 sits on a carbon chassis, utilises belt drive and ball diffs and bounces on big bore shocks. The Rango couldn't be more different. The drive train is shaft driven through geared diffs bolted to an alloy chassis plate with suspension duties taken care of by conventional shockers.

It's going to be fun building them both and comparing them to each other. I wonder if one will suit my driving style better than the other or if I will be equally bad with both!

Watch this space, I will take a few pics of the build and let you know how the Fandango and I get along.

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