Friday, 19 August 2011

I couldn't resist it! (Part 3) . . . Losi TLR22

Ok ok . . . I know I didn't need it and I admit I am being profligate but as the title says, I couldn't resist it!
I promise that I will now stop buying and start building.

 There is something of a buzz surrounding the TLR22 just at the moment.
It seems to be the marmite of the rc world, you either love it or you hate it!

I had to find out for myself. So rather than borrow somebody elses car, which worries me as I'm bound to break it, I bought one of my own.

Unfortunately it is now third in the queue of kits to be built, behind the SX3 and the 410R, but over the next few weeks I plan to spend a lot of time wrench in hand.
With a little bit of luck she will be bolted together fairly soon and ready to hit the astro.

I know there are a lot of build options for this kit so if anyone has any good advice or suggestions I would love to hear about them through the comments link at the bottom of this post.
There will be no prizes for anyone using the phrase "All the gear and no idea!" 

I will, of course, be taking some pics of the build and posting my feedback right here so visit again and have a look.

I am a Losi virgin, never having built or owned one before, so am looking forward to this.
I'm off to pop my Losi cherry!

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