Thursday, 4 August 2011

SHRCCC Where did the grass go? .. Let them eat cake!

I made the trip to SHRCCC on Tuesday this week.
It was another good turn out  with about 30 drivers ready to battle it out for one of the nice shiny trophies that Dudders distributes at the end of the evening.

With the ever shorter summer evenings it is also a race against the fading light. Efficient race direction ensures everyone still gets 3 rounds of qualifying and a final. Even so, I would suggest a nice bright shell and carrots for supper if racing in the last final of the night.

Most of the attendees had a good time leaving for home with smiles on faces.
I enjoyed myself and had a good battle with Rob Elmes and James Rumble in 4wd, frustratingly losing out in the end and heading home with the smallest of the 3 pots. . . Bugger!

An 'interesting' aspect of racing at SHRCCC this summer has been the fact that the track has never been the same twice. Neil has done his best to keep the venue in good condition by moving corners and jumps, reversing the direction and even the strategic use of astro in vulnerable areas. His efforts have only been semi-successful however and the track is, inevitably, starting to become a little tired.

Some like the extra test offered by the 'unpredictable' surface, I'm not one of them. I'm a touring car driver at heart so I hanker after those early summer evenings of fresh, flat, lush, green grass. I look forward to seeing how Neil deals with this going forward. Maybe a more extensive covering of astro is called for or maybe the track just needs a bit of a rest?

It's been a fun summer of racing. Neil 'Dudders' Dudman has run some great meetings that have included the Fastrax GP, the SHRCCC Summer open and the yet to be concluded Summer Shootout series.
On top of this there have been regular Tuesday and Sunday club meetings.

Mrs Dudders (Sara) even supplied cup cakes at one of the meetings. . . .
I am assured everyone survived!

Thanks to Neil for all his hard work and dedication in getting a decent venue off the ground. I'm certain everyone who has raced there has a positive story to tell. I am led to believe that this is just the start of bigger and better things and that the search is on for an indoor venue to keep us all racing over the winter.

Big up to the Dudders!

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