Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Oh dear ... I dun broke it!

Hello people.
I am afraid to say that I am once again seeking your commiserations rather than your congratulations.

This is what my Xray 009 looked like after heat 3 at the Adur circuit this past weekend.
They have, in their wisdom, installed some very solid and unforgiving concrete beams on the straight.
I decided to pay one of them visit and this was the resultant carnage!

It looks worse that it is however and although it effectively ended my meeting, and my tilt at the club winter championship, it is now fully repaired and ready to hit the tarmac again.

After the accident I did at least get the chance to run the new Mi4, as seen in my last post.
This didn't prove to be a big success however and I couldn't get close to the pace of my Xray.
It suffered with 2 problems.
  • The rear diff far was too loose, thanks to my great build, and I really struggled to get off the corners quickly. A rebuild and a tighten up for now then hopefully just a short wait until SpecR release the new gear diff.
  • Off power the car was really loose in the rear (ooh err!). I hope some attention to shock oils and and rear droop will help with this.
So it's back to the drawing board.
Any advice from you good guys most welcome at this point!

It was all worth it though to see Chris B suffering the after effects of a Jager bomb (or 3) and looking like he had slept in a hedge. There isn't enough coffee to put that right.
Top work fella!

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