Monday, 14 March 2011

My new buggy hauler.

I bought myself a present this week.
It's a HARD Racing Magellan buggy bag, HARD Racing are a Team Magic company so it's the same quality as the ubiquitous TM hauler bags.

It's made of a cordura type material which appears to be hard wearing and it's a big boy.
Inside there is a large carboard box into which you put whatever you want to transport. I lined the box with some vinyl just to make it easier to keep clean.
It will fit a 1/8 buggy with the wheels on.

It comes with various handles and a shoulder strap so it's easy to carry.
There is a neat little zipped compartment at one end which will accomodate 3 sets of buggy wheels and tyres or perhaps a transmitter. Better still an enormous packed lunch! 

It's a nice thing that satisfies my bag fetish for a while and will protect the car from a filthy post race buggy.
Luvvin it!

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