Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Schumacher Mi4LP

I know the Mi4CX is available now but I recently spotted this Mi4LP at a decent price and couldn't resist. I've seen a lot of guys going really fast with this chassis and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Now the fast guys are fast because they are good and will be fast whatever they drive, the question is will it make me any faster?
Well you never know I remain ever the optimist!

I bought the chassis from a guy on Oople, he was a decent fellow and on arrival it was, as promised, in mint condition, albeit with a rather pink shell.
I set about equipping it with some electrics and have ended up with a Hobbywing speedo and a Team Powers 13.5t motor. I run the Hobbywing speedo in my Xray 009 and think it's great value for money. It's also pretty quick with the correct software installed.
For the steering I settled on the Savox 1251, hoping it will be tough enough to survive my ham-fisted stick twiddling without a fitted servo saver.

After a once over and a little remedial wrenching I took it out for a spin on the Aldershot track. I am a member there so took advantage of a sunny Tuesday to give it a run. One pack down and my first impressions are good, I really enjoyed the way it drove, quick and responsive. Maybe a little too responsive for me but I am sure I can dial that out with a few minor changes.

So is it going to turn me into Chris Grainger overnight? No!
Am I going to enjoy driving it? Yes!

I will take it to Adur on Sunday where they are having a circuit meeting and see how I get on. I am not sure if it will oust my trusty Xray just yet but time will tell.

Repeat after me... "Change is good"

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