Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Adur MCC: Winter championship decider.

A dry day on the south coast ensured a decent turn out for the last round of the Adur winter series.
There were trophies at stake so people were soldering in their quick motors and charging up their no.1 batteries.
I had an outside chance of winning the superstock class but needed an unlikely set of circumstances to fall into place. A tall order with the quality of the field that had turned up to race. The more achievable goal for me was to confirm 2nd place.

Entrants included Jay Westwood, Timmay Langdell and Tim Hancock so today was going to be quick!

 Chris Betts was in attendance and feeling confident. 

Spencer had a plan!

Maybe Jay was predicting a 2nd place, or maybe not?

There were to be 8 heats today and 4 rounds.

I decided to take the safe route and use my trusty Xray. Yes I know I should move on but it's like an old comfy pair of slippers that I know I can rely on.

As suspected it turned out to be quick, track records were falling and PBs were being posted.
It soon became clear that a minimum of 18 laps would be required to guarantee an A final spot.

After 3 rounds I was sitting behind Jay, Tim and Timmay who were all on 19 laps! It looked like my A final spot was secure so after some cajoling, and a couple of set up tips, from Jay & Timmay I took a chance on the Mi4. Perhaps I should have done so earlier in the day as I immediately recorded a new personal best. Still some way off the top guys but a step in the right direction.

 Timmay borrowed a motor from Chris and decided that the best way to return it was to grind to a halt at Chris's marshal point with smoke pouring from it! Chris kept smiling though.

I finished qualifying in 4th. Good times!
These are the 1/10 gas guys going at it.

Well the usual carnage ensued at the start of the first final I didn't manage to avoid it but recovered to 4th, my starting position. It was won by a rapid Tim Hancock.
The second final was one to forget for me. I got involved in a couple of racing incidents and was unable to recover, finishing down the field. Jay took the win in this one.

A picture of concentration.
(R to L: Chris McLeavery, Ian Billet, Mark Brown and Lewis Shorter)

Overall it was a great day. I managed to confirm 2nd in the championship, losing to Mark Brown on count-back. Well done buddy. Congratulations to all those who won or placed in the various championships.
A big well done also to all those who posted PBs, let's hope the track continues to oblige as the weather warms up.

Please just a moment of silence for the passing of my Xray 009, succeeded by the Mi4.
The king is dead, long live the king!

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