Friday, 1 July 2011

My new baby ... Schumacher SX2 S1 Buggy

Hey all. I have not posted for couple of weeks as I have been moving home. It's all done now, thank goodness, so I can get back to embarrasing myself via this blog.

All of a sudden this 1/10 off road lark seems to be all the rage.
Now I'm not one to get left behind, well maybe I am on the track but it's not for a lack of equipment!
So I smashed the piggy bank, counted up all my pennies and guess what? I had enough to buy myself a Schumacher SX2 S1.

This model has now been superseded by the SX3 but it seems the main change is in the chassis layout (now utilising a mid mounted motor) whilst retaining front and rear bulkheads and the parts mounted thereon. 
Because of this I managed to get what I felt was an irresistible deal.

The build was pretty good and, despite one or two mising parts, was done without fuss.
I will take some body off pics in the next couple of days and post them up for anyone, who is interested, to have a look at.

The paintjob you see here is all my own work, I am quite chuffed with it. It looks pretty racy and is easy to spot out on the track.

I have already run it a couple of times and so far am fairly pleased with it.
This is another formula that is going to take a bit of getting to grips with but I am hoping to learn as I go and if I enjoy myself whilst I'm at it then it's all good.

Check back for further adventures in off road buggy land. I have a bit of a backlog of pics and reports so will be posting regularly over the next couple of weeks.

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