Wednesday, 25 May 2011

BRCA Electric Nats . . . West London

Well my not so illustrious RC career continued last weekend with a vist to West London for the 1st round of the BRCA touring car nationals.
I haven't been to an electric national before so wasn't sure what to expect. These meetings are where the top drivers in the UK test themselves against each other so I knew it would be a tough weekend.

The preliminary heat listings had me off the line in heat 1 at 08:30,  this meant my day started at a ridiculous 5am!
I was at the track for 07:15 ready to get set up and prepared for the day ahead.
As were nearly 140 other drivers.

With hindsight it may not have been a good idea to make my first visit to this track a national meeting.
I really had been promising myself that I would visit for one or two of the pre national meetings and learn my way round this unforgiving circuit. You know how it is though, I just never got around to it.
What a mistaker to maker!

The practice sessions were spent just working out where to turn left and where to turn right. By the time qualifying started I hadn't even managed to work that out properly.

At least I had prepped my car properly althoughthe gear diff I had ordered hadn't turned up in time.

I will gloss over the days qualifying but suffice to say I did not cover myself in glory and was sitting in about 75th place by the end of play. I wasn't too disappointed as I was enjoying the experience and wasn't expecting much more.
My pitting buddy John Zottl was having a tricky day, seeded in a lower heat than his talent deserved and struggling with slower drivers. He did recover on day 2 however and ended up winning the 'C' final.
Well done John.

These are the cars of the drivers in the 'A' heat awaiting the scrutineers attention.
1. Chris Grainger
2. Olly Jeffries
3. Elliot Harper
4. Chris Kerswell
5. Colin Price
6. Andy Moore
7. Jonathan Aird
8. Matthew White
9. Chris Ashton
10. Russell Williams

I would love to tell you all about day 2 but here's the thing.
My alarm went off at 05:30 I grunted, turned over, and then woke up at about 10 o clock!
There go my chances of making the 'A' then!

I learned alot at this meeting. I learned that there is a huge level of commitment required to compete with these guys. As Roy Castle would say "dedication's what you need".
These guys are up at silly times of the morning trekking round the country visiting these tracks for 2 or 3 meetings in the run up to the nats. They are investing serious amounts of time and a fair bit of cash (3 sets of tyres per round comes to 75 quid!).

That's why these guys are the best. They back up their undoubted talent with dedication and hard earned cash.
Chapeau fellas! 

They've not got alot to worry about from me, that's for sure.

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