Friday, 8 July 2011

SHRCCC ... 'Old Skool' buggy racing!

In a previous post I wrote about a 1/10 off road club in Surrey, SHRCC, the baby of the venerable Neil 'Dudders' Dudman.

I'm new to 1/10 buggies and am told that running on grass is considered 'old skool' these days as, for various reasons, most clubs opt for a more maintenance friendly astro surface.

Nevertheless it appears to have been a great idea. Neil has been running a number of successful events including the Fastrax GP, a summer  'Shootout' series and regular club events on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings.

I've been turning up for some of these events with my new Cat SX2 to see what 'old skool' buggy racing is all about.  

The Fastrax GP is probably the biggest event held thus far at SHRCC. The meeting was sponsored by CML and all entrants recieved a set of control tyres for the bargain entry fee of £12.

A good turnout for the Fastrax GP

The track has suffered some wear over the last couple of months and was certainly a test, rewarding well set up cars that could handle the bumpy unpredictable surface. It was amusing to see marshalls diving for cover at the end of the staright in an attempt to avoid cartwheeling carbon fibre missiles!

I struggled with breakages and radio problems but will definitely be back next time. Everybody in attendance agreed it was a huge success and deserves to become a regular annual fixture. 

Kevin Hunt was victorious in 2wd whilst Darren Boyle took 4wd honours.
Full results HERE

'MC Dudders' on da mike  

Neil mixes things up making regular changes to the track so one never knows what to expect on arrival. A new layout? Clockwise or anticlockwise? Jumps, where and how many? This is partly through necessity and an attempt to minimise wear and tear to the grass but it certainly adds some spice having to learn a new track each visit.

I've been participating in some of the 4wd shootout rounds and have been having a great time. Managing to run in the top half of the field I have even come away with a couple of trophies. There is some talent here though and I need to up my game if I'm to challenge Rob or James for top honours.

(L) I won a cup and, before you ask, yes there were more than 3 people there!
(R) James Rumble collecting yet another 2nd place trophy.

The racing is taking its toll on the surface however and after a couple of months of regular, rain starved, use it is looking slightly the worse for wear. It is gradually becoming more and more challenging with ruts and holes developing. As a circuit driver I am not a great fan of this but there are plenty that are and for whom the fun remains undimished.

A motley crew of regulars (LtoR) Michael Jelinek, Paul 'lead finger' Berkinshaw and Rob Elmes. 

The weather is the other enemy of outdoor racing, water and electronics don't mix. 
At round 6 of the shootout the heavens opened and I made what I thought was the sane decision not to run.
It seems the SHRCC boys are not easily discourgaed and most decided to carry on in true British spirit.  

Yours truly .. sheltering from the rain.

Rob is hardcore and persevered through mud and rain to victory in 4wd with his new Cat SX3.
Well done matey.

But I'm glad I don't have to clean your car.

 So old skool buggy racing yes or no?
It is certainly fun thats for sure, I will continue to attend at every opportunity.
Neil has his work cut out to keep the track in tip top condition and may need to resort to the strategic use of astro turf in places.
I would prefer to race on bowling green like surface every week but realise I'm being unrealistic. The ever changing nature of the surface adds to the challenge and will force me to learn the art of buggy set up in double quick time. I will embrace it and learn to love it!

Well done Dudders you have prompted new faces to have a go and old faces to return to the off road scene.

If you are thinking of getting involved I can heartily recommend it. It doesnt have to cost a fortune (see my Mad Rat post) and is a whole heap of fun.

Get buggying bloggers!

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