Saturday, 30 July 2011

Durango DEX210 2wd Buggy

I notice that Durango have just released their new 2wd buggy.
The following pics are from their website, more can be found at . . .

Like the Losi 22 there is the choice of running a mid or rear mount motor, the clever part being that both configurations utilise the same gearbox.

· Aluminium Chassis plate with moulded composite side plates
· Moulded composite shock towers
· Big Bore shocks
· Aluminium FF and RR suspension blocks
· Accepts stick or saddle pack battery in both mid and rear motor configurations
· One body for both mid and rear configurations
· Front end – Adjustable wheelbase, axle trail, caster, camber, toe angle in the kit
· Rear end – Adjustable wheelbase, hub toe angle, camber in the kit
· Dual pad slipper clutch
· Droop screws front and rear
· Captured CVD pins and over-size hub bearings
· Ball Diff as standard. Gear diff will be available as an option

It looks nice but I'm not sure it's quite as exciting as all the hype suggested.
I have no doubt that it will still be popular however.

I am still looking forward to the new 4wd, although again I am expecting evolution rather than revolution.
Lets wait and see what the prices are going to be.

What do you think?

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