Saturday, 24 September 2011

Losi TLR22 2wd Buggy . . . The Build (Part 3)

Now the, not so straightforward, job of wiring it all up.

There are plenty of options for the layout of the electrics.

Losi sell a 'stubby' sized lipo specifically for this chassis that allows a bit more room. There is no way I am buying a battery that will fit only this car so I needed to work out the best way to do this with my saddles, not so easy with an enormous HW speedo and standard sized Sektrum rx.
As the saying goes; 'where there's a will there's a way'!

I like the HW speedos but the size doesn't help when space is at a premium. It is the 60a version and will be running the '119 stock' (with boost) software to spin up an 8.5 turn 'Bullistorm' motor.

This is what I ended up with, I think it's best described as functional rather than pretty but I will probably tweak it over time.

The final job was to trim and paint the bodyshell.

Major frustration!
(Although I was warned by some racing buddies.)

With a pair of Intellect 5400mah lipos fitted there is no way the supplied bodyshell would fit properly.
Even with low profile polymax type connectors fitted to the power leads the cells foul the bodyshell.
Very annoying but a good excuse to buy one of the uber cool FTW 'vane' forward cab bodyshells, under which I know everything will fit!

The paint turned out pretty good.  

A couple of decals and a set of wheels and here is the finished article, aint she a beauty?!
I don't care what you say, I like yellow wheels.

 I can't decide what to think about the 22 and should try to reserve judgement until I've run it, my initial feelings following the build are not, however, entirely positive.
If Losi were trying to make a truly versatile car they should have made the side pods a little wider, this would allow more options for cells and and electrics.
It seems to me that TLR have taken a cracking rear motor car and kind of cobbled together a mid motor version.
I am annoyed that I have had to purchase another bodyshell, effectively adding £20 to the cost and am not entirely surprised to see so many people selling them on to make room for the new Durango 210.
I am left feeling a little dissatisfied.

If this were a first date then I wouldn't describe it as 'love at first sight', but I am willing to see what she's like in the sack!
If it turns into a love affair I will certainly let you know.

It's maiden voyage will probably be at the new SHRCCC indoor venue in a week or so.
I will report back wth my findings!

Until then feel free to use the 'comments' option let me know what you think.

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