Friday, 20 September 2013

When is a 4wd not a 4wd? . . . When it's a 2wd!

The hot topic trackside and the subject of much controversy just now is the conversion of 4wd drive cars into 2wd.
Indeed just such a car won the mid-south regional series in the very capable hands of Glen Westwood. Further examples could be found in at least one National 'A' final.

This is being done in several different ways depending on the car and/or driver.
Some are removing all front wheel drive parts including diff and forward drive shaft, others are merely removing the front drive shafts and leaving the front diff, and all drive thereto, in place.

Opinions vary as to whether there is an advantage to be had one way or the other and if so on what types of track.

The big question is however how would this work in the hands of the average racer.

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OK maybe I aspire to be even an average racer but I am always open to anything that might gain me an extra second or two so why not.
MB models have been offering the Durango DEX410V3 cars at some very keen prices recently so I saw it as the perfect opportunity to give this latest craze a go.   

A quick flash of the plastic and a 410R was winging its way south to me.

The R is a fair way off the spec of the V3.
Plastic shock towers, small bore shocks, plastic hinge pin holders, no roll bars, body shell and a distinct lack of 'blingy' gold washers all contribute to the lower price tag.
I wasn't too worried as this is an experiment and a spares car for my V3, the small bores will be a useful tuning option, but I would urge anyone considering this model to save a few extra pennies for the full V3. 

I did manage to pick up a set of alloy hinge pin hangers on that well known auction site at a reasonable price, which is handy as this is one of the weaker areas of the R version.

The build was enjoyable, I won't go into it too much as I have previously written a build thread for the V2410R. (HERE)
The V3R is also a lower spec than the V2R.

There is some debate as to whether the rotating mass of the front diff has any influence on the handling of the car especially corner entry and in the air.
I decided to build it initially without any drive forward of the centre spur, I'll give it a go and then add the front diff to see if it makes any difference.
I filled the rear diff with 5k wt oil but expect to be going down to maybe 2 or 3k after testing.

I didn't splash out on any new electrics but, after a rummage in the spares box, came up with a Bullistorm esc (installed with HW 930stock software), an HPI 7.5 motor and a slightly notchy  Futaba servo.
In they went.

So here it is, ready to go.
The high grip astro of TORCH will be the test track, if it's going to work anywhere it'll work there.

I decided to try something new for the body shell.

I'm not so keen, if you are it's for sale.
I'm going to stick to my PipskiRacing colours.

V3 and V3R side by side.

So is this likely to catapult me into the 'A' finals?
Probably not but it'll be fun trying.

If you've already tried this and have any tips you want to share get in touch HERE.

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