Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hobao Hyper H2 . . Electrics Install

For the electrics in the H2 I resorted to some familiar components.

The Hobbywing V2 speedo is a great favourite of mine, HW have been really good at updating the software for this unit so it remains competitive and is easy peasy to programme track-side via the digital program box.

I am using a full size 2s pack in the H2 so there is no choice in mounting location, it goes on the hinged battery plate. I was a little worried that with the fan fitted it might foul the body shell. I needn't have as there is plenty of room.

Depending on the brand stubby users may be able to squeeze in the esc on the chassis behind the servo. 

I used some snazzy blue wire to hook this up to an LRP X12 8.5t motor which, with modern software, should suffice for most tracks. It's a clear run so was quite straightforward.

I managed to fit everything to the top plate, RX, capacitors and switch. Be sure to leave sufficient length on the servo wire so the top plate can pivot upwards far enough to remove and replace the battery.
There is room left over to mount a PT on top of the servo.  

That'll do, tidy and functional, I tend not to alter the length of most wires as I often swap things from car to car, but it's an option for those seeking ultimate neatness.

Time to hit the astro, can't wait, I'll let you know how it goes.

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