Monday, 22 October 2012

Cougar SV2 vs Cougar SVR

 I have decided to dedicate my average efforts on 2wd next season and to this end have put together 'Team Cougar'.

What you see here is my mid motor SV2 and my rear motor SVR.

Over the next few weeks I plan to try both of these cars on a variety of different surfaces in varying conditions.
I will then use what I have learnt in an effort to avoid embarrassment over the winter and throughout the 2013 summer season.

Both cars are similarly equipped with a HW speedo running 930 stock software and an 8.5t motor.

First up is round 1 of the TORCH winter series.
The new TORCH layout comprises a decent variety of obstacles on an astro turf surface which is very grippy when dry but, unsurprisingly, pretty slippery when wet.
Fingers crossed for a dry day.

I will take some pics, make some notes and report back next week with my findings.

Wish me luck, goodness knows I need it!

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