Thursday, 31 May 2012

2wd Mid South Regional at SHRCCC

Ok so I am a bit of a donut.
I forgot my camera on Sunday so there are only a couple of pics of a great days racing under a glorious blue sky.

SHRCCC were the hosts for round 3 of the BRCA Mid South Regional Championships. I was pleased to be visiting a familiar venue for my Regional debut.

I had hurled myself in at the deep end as this was to be my first Regional event and a 2wd one to boot!  I was also rockin' a brand new car, my sparkly new Cougar SV2 was popping its racing cherry.
Oh well that's how I roll!

To make things fair for everyone the SHRCCC crew had made big changes to the track unveiling a completely new layout, perhaps their best yet.

I was given some dodgy information by a certain Mr Elmes causing me to arrive late and completely miss open practice. I reckon he was worried and was just trying to put me off!

Never mind, I settled in amongst my TORCH clubmates ready for a day of freindly banter and camraderie.
Thanks to Chris, Rob E, Rob W, Al, Grant, Dan et al for your good company and relentless p**s taking. 

I was, rightly, put into one of the bottom heats so my job was to get myself at least two clean runs from the four opportunities I would be granted.
Easier said than done.

As it turned out I managed two short 14 lap runs. I felt that if I could have avoided other peoples accidents I could have crept into the 15 lap bracket. Never mind, I was only a little disappointed.
There was close racing throughout and my times meant I qualified in the middle of the 'E' final surrounded by familiar faces from TORCH and SHRCCC.

The final was a messy affair and I ended up improving one place on my starting position.

Top honours on the day went to Messrs Lee, Westwood & Perry, well done chaps.
Full results can be found . .  HERE

Here is a video of the first leg of the 'A' final. It's a treat to see these guys going at it.

My first Regional experience was a good one. The Cougar performed faultlessly all day, I loved it. It responded well to set up changes and I am sure will continue to improve as we grow to love each other.

I enjoyed myself and am convinced I can use what I learned to improve myself, the car and ultimately my finishing position, at least a little.

The guys at SHRCCC ran an efficient meeting that seemed to be enjoyed by all in attendance. I will certainly be along next month with my trusty SX3 for the 4wd version.

I'm looking forward to my next taste of Regional action.

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