Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Losi 22 Gear Diff . . . but Associated SC10 really!

I have only run it a couple of times but have been struggling to make my Losi 22 diff work consistently.
I am the first to admit that I am not so experienced setting up 2wd slipper clutches so to be fair am probably the architect of my own problems.

Much as I would love to keep on blaming my equipment for my poor performances I have taken steps to eliminate this particular excuse from my not inconsiderable repertoire!

The solution?
A gear diff.

I struggled to find a UK dealer with the Losi gear diff on the shelf. I had read that the Associated SC10 gear diff was a drop in fit so opted for this instead. An added bonus was that it was a few pounds cheaper. Which, as long as it fits, is a result.

It is a well made unit with steel outdrives, metal gears and cross pins.

Those with metric only tool kits need not worry as the unit uses metric screws.
I assembled the diff as per the instructions and filled it with 3k oil, a straightforward job.
I will be running on carpet and astro so am not sure what will be best but it's a starting point.

Ok so the question you are all asking . . . Does it fit?
It dropped straight in and seemed to mesh just fine.
There is a little lateral play, which some users might like to shim out, but it doesn't appear to be enough to cause a problem. Time will tell.

At the time of writing I have run the car on a wet astro track at TORCH and for a couple of heats indoors at Taplow.
My initial impressions are good.
What I like most is that it remains consistent during and between runs, something I didn't manage to achieve with the ball diff.

I now harbour hopes of avoiding 2wd embarrassment at future meetings, this diff and the adoption of a Darren Bloomfield set up may well facilitate such ambitions.

I'm sure I can find plenty of alternative ways to embarrass myself.

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