Saturday, 4 February 2012

TORCH . . . Onwards & Upwards . . . Bring on the Regionals.

2012 looks like being a big year for local club TORCH.
All the hard work put in by the lads recently has been rewarded with an invitation to host 2 and 4wd Regional meetings during the coming season.

In my opinion this is well deserved.

I have been racing here for a relatively short time but have seen the club go from strength to strength. There is, it seems, a will amongst the committee to keep pushing the club forward and as a result everytime I go along I see new evidence of this desire to improve.

In recent months I have seen an extension to the rostrum, extra catch fencing, new track features, a comfy new race control and even a new p.a. system. I am also aware of a number of other planned improvements that are sure to come to fruition through enthusiastic work parties.

The track has undergone a redesign of late and with input from drivers like Lee Martin is gradually evolving into a premier venue not just for the South but for the whole country. I liked the old circuit but I am assured that change is good and that the committee continue to listen to drivers of all abilities to create circuits suitable for all ability levels.

I have no doubt this is the case and can't wait to see what they come up with for the Regionals.

The future looks bright for TORCH, I was quick to renew my membership this year and plan to spend plenty of Sundays here over the coming summer.

If further proof is needed check out this cool video, lovingly created by TORCH racer Lionel Croucher.
My car can be seen at 54 seconds nailing the jump!

If you haven't raced here yet . . . where have you been?
See you there!

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