Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Toastie digits!

OK so this isn't strictly an RC product but for those of us that brave the British weather racing outdoors over the winter it's a great performance upgrade.

 Whilst I am not claiming the message my brain sends to my fingers is the right one I do, at least, like it to get through. The trouble is when my fingers are frozen there appears to be something of a delay.
Not to mention those bloomin' screws and circlips that always develop a mind of their own as my digits succumb to the cold.

Thanks to this baby all my troubles are over . . . maybe.

This little beauty isn't a new invention by any means, indeed as a nipper I remember my dad lighting up one of these before an afternoon on the terraces watching our local footy team, and what's good enough for pop is good enough for me.

All you do is light the charcoal rod, pop it in the case and enjoy toastie fingers for up to 6 hours.

Under a tenner . . . A no brainer.

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