Saturday, 10 December 2011

Corally SP12X . . . Moore-Speed Reynard 02S

I have been waiting for the postman to get here, all the way from HK, with parts for my 12th car. The poor so and so will be knackered pedalling all that way on his little red bike.

In the meantime I have flourished the airbrush.

I have procured myself a Hot Bodies More-Speed Reynard 02S shell. It's probably not the 'whoop dee do' shell to have for this class but Nick at Demon had one in stock so that's what I've got! 
Anyway, as a 1/12 novice I am sure it wont be long before I need another at which time I will have some experience and maybe just a little more idea about what I need (or maybe not!).

What you see here is the result of an afternoons endeavours.
I start off by freehanding my design on the outside of the shell with a 'Sharpie'. I then apply a decent coat of RCS liquid mask. A sharp craft knife, a steady hand and a whole bunch of patience is then required to carefully cut the design.

Then I break out my airbrush, a lovely Iwata Revolution CR.
 The paint is a mixture of Pactra solvent based colour and Createx acrylics.
What you can't see is the gold metalflake, which I laid down before applying the colour, I have become quite partial to this lately and although it doesn't show up in the pic's it does look the dogs danglies. 

I am glad I took these pics because I have seen some 12th racing and those guys aren't gentle, I don't think it will last too long!
I reckon the Iwata will be out again before very long.

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