Monday, 16 May 2011

My new O'Donnell SS21 engine

It's always great to get something new for our beloved cars.
As an IC driver it is a real thrill to open up a box to find a brand new engine nestling inside.
I recently had this pleasure when my new ODonnell SS21 engine arrived. I hmmd and ahhd for some time before I decided on this as my motor for the 2011 season but made the decision based on 3 things.
1. Good forum feedback, buttery smooth and easy to tune apparently.
2. It's something a little different, I'm not one to run with the crowd.
3. Good value, it cost about the same as an Alpha 850.

The large heat sink is an understated black.

It comes nicely packaged and includes an O'Donnell turbo glow plug.
Also included in the box is an alternative non turbo head button along with 7 and 8mm carb restrictors.

I have paired it up with a Hong Nor EFRA 2027 for starters. Time will tell how they perform together but they seemed to get on during the run in.

The manual is quite specific regarding running in so after pre heating with my surestart I took care to follow the recommended procedure.
Everything went smoothly and 8 tanks later I am ready to hit the track for a final shakedown and some final tweaking before I 'unleash the beast'!

Fitted in my Xray 808

So far so good, I am happy with my new aquisition.
Over the next few weeks I will look out for a buggy meeting to attend so I can give it a thrash.
I will then report back, hopefully with news of my glorious exploits rather than a bag of bits!

Happy RCing!

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